Be the Mum YOU Want to Be!

Everybody has their own unique blueprint for being the best Mum they can be. Step into your own power and style it out your way.

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Do you feeling like you are winning at Mummydom?

Everybody has a unique blue print for being a Mum. Do you know what yours is? 

Have you ever thought about why you do the things you do? Or if in deed you really need to be doing everything for everybody?

It’s tough to make your mark when you are constantly bombarded with media messages which can make you feel inadequate and overwhelmed (this always happens when we compare ourselves to others). It doesn’t help that sometimes well meaning social media snaps can sometimes shame us into getting it wrong or feeling that somehow we may be falling short. 

Here's the thing: we are all doing our best and that is good enough. Or is it? Or maybe you are doing too much and it's time to make some long over due changes

What is a Mum to you? 

  • Are you taking a leaf out of your own Mum’s book?
  • Or maybe if you didn’t get the Mum you had hoped for or you didn't have a Mum, you take your Mum ideas from movies or from what you see your friends doing?
  • Is a Mum your protector or your cheerleader?
  • Does she care for you and teach you? 
  • Is your Mum your safe go-to person when life isn't going your way?
  • Does she understand you like no other?

Do you sometimes feel like re-writing your own job description?

Wouldn’t that be nice? Well you can and it’s easy and I’m going to show you how.

One size does not fit all

We are all people before we become Mothers and being a Mother is not the most natural thing to all of us. Maybe that's scary to say out loud because everybody else is just getting on with it. I wonder how honest they are being with themselves?

Maybe you are making it hard for yourself and you’ve never stopped to work out why

You just fell into this job and there’s so much to do that you are constantly fire-fighting, so there's no time to step back and find out why or if in deed you need to be having it all, doing it all and being it all to everybody. (I probably think not because that would be ridiculous). 

So I’ve created this mini training course which will take you about an hour to coach you through finding your way as a Mum without judgement, inadequacy or anything other than being the best version of yourself.

This mini training course is for you whether you are: 
  • a high functioning perfectionist who puts really unrealistic and harsh demands on yourself
  • a worrier and a doubter that you are never going to get it right
  • a mum with loving intentions who has lost her way
  • feeling unappreciated, put upon and wondering why you ever signed up for this gig in the first place (yep we all have days like that)

In this masterclass you and I will do a little Smiley coaching together to find out what it is exactly that makes you the Mum you are. You will get:
  • 3 short videos (the longest is 20 minutes)
  • a worksheet, so you can note down your learnings and come away with an actionable plan
  • a special bonus worksheet which is something to help you feel more like the Mum YOU choose to be

What do I need?

  1. Quiet space and time in the diary - make a commitment to really do this.
  2. An open mind and willingness to try something new
  3. Paper and pen
  4. Tablet or electronic device to watch the video

How do I get started?

  • Buy the course online and start straight away. It's easy. This video shows you how it works once you are in learning den.
  • Add my email to your safe senders list as you will get emails from me telling you how to get the most out of your course (I often fall into your junk box the first time I contact you so this will make sure we stay in touch)
  • Carve out time and make it a priority. Make it work for you. In fact, if you do a bit, let it settle, make some notes and then do a bit more it's more likely to sink in and stick.
  • Get started. Get involved. Get Smiley!

Think about how far you have come and acknowledge all that you have learnt with your little ones by your side
Often we get caught up looking at what is wrong or still to do. You could make it better for yourself. Simply click here and get your masterclass. 

Additional Support - I am here to help you!

I am here for you as you make your way through this fun and practical Family Pack. I'm sure it will bring you all great joy and be super helpful in all sorts of situations. However, if for whatever reason, you experience resistance from your child or it brings up strong emotions in you, then please reach out. Often in coaching, anything which needs to be addressed comes out and so it makes sense to have somebody close at hand, who can offer understanding, insights and professional support. I have created a Speak to Smiley Call which is specifically for that.

Click here to book a Speak to Smiley Coaching Call

Intended Audience: mums

Course Curriculum

⭐Here is your worksheet for Be the Mum YOU Want to Be!
🎬 Video 1 What is a Mum?
🎬 Video 2 What makes a 'good enough' Mum?
🎬 Video 3 What are you in control of and responsible for?
👍 Reflection & Take Aways
🎁 Bonus Feature Power Up Your Mummyness
📕 Additional Resources
💌 Can you tell me how you found that?

Lisa Parkes


Often called The SmileyCoach, Lisa Parkes is a qualified and experienced Life Coach who works with children aged 7 up. Lisa gives them life skills and practical coping strategies for life's hiccups. She has helped hundreds of children become self aware and develop a positive outlook on life; beating their fears, worries and stresses about homework, exams, friendship struggles, bullying, nerves and anxiety to name but a few. Lisa is passionate about helping children feel great from the inside out. Her creative coaching workshops and 1-2-1 sessions help children develop self belief, positive thinking and most of all to find their own way without judgement in a safe and trusted environment. Lisa is also the creator of Smiley Thought Cards; positive affirmations which encourage emotional intelligence and connect famlies with love