For Families Who Want to Learn, Grow & Live with Love

From the comfort of your sofa, you can now experience Smiley coaching for all the family in a safe and friendly community of people who get it! They want what you want: to be the BEST version of themselves and make the MOST out of life.

You will learn important life skills, grow your family's emotional intelligence and deepen that all important loving emotional connection with each other. This is often lost in the day to day busy-ness of life. It's super important to remember you are on the same team and to make time for this stuff. Your emotional and mental well being needs taking care of just like your body or your home. Children who are raised in this way, grow up to be well-rounded, healthy happy adults.

Lose the Overwhelm!

Start where you are. Learn at the pace you want. Fit it in around your busy life. Bite sized lessons which you can repeat over and over until you internalise and make them part of your family. You will also be supported by all the other families taking their courses which will motivate and uplift you when you are having a bad day (it's OK we all have them!)

Smiley on the Go!

Smiley's Online Learning Den is easy to use and is optimised to play back on any device so you can access your content on the go. Smiley will walk you through via engaging videos sharing tried and tested content from her coaching clients. There are also printable work books, fun activities and practical advice. Smiley makes coaching fun and easy for everybody.

Safe + Non Judgemental Support

If you've worked with Smiley before, you will know that she has a big heart and wants to support your family . Each course comes with access to an awesome Smiley Community where you can safely and anonymously share ideas and successes (or struggles) with other families who are taking part in the same course as you.

All Current Courses

Feel gorgeous from the inside out with Smiley's fun and easy to use Online Learning Den for the whole family.

If you can't see what you are looking for or you don't know where to start, drop me an email and I'll help you work out what you need

Be the Mum YOU Want to Be!

Everybody has their own unique blueprint for being the best Mum they can be. Step into your own power and style it out your way.


Lisa Parkes

How to Tame Your Angry Dragon

This pack helps your child understand & process their big scary emotions so they can feel empowered instead of overwhelmed by them


Lisa Parkes

You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

Smiley's fun + easy start pack for unlocking your inner confidence.....because happiness is an inside job.


Lisa Parkes

30 Days to Rediscover the Magic of Parenting

For busy parents who want to be the best version of themselves, take control and stay calm.


Lisa Parkes

Smiley's Little Box of Kindness

When you are upset, worried or stressed learn how to take care of you and be kind to yourself.


Lisa Parkes

Back to School Confidence Pack

Give your child the confidence to handle the transition from the weekend or from the holidays back to the classroom.


Lisa Parkes

Smiley Sweet Dreams Bedtime Pack

Let go of your worries with Smiley and feel safe in the dark with Smiley. Night night! Sleep tight!


Lisa Parkes

How to Really Listen with Love

Become Your Child's Emotion Coach: An easy but powerful way to grow your child's emotional resilience


Lisa Parkes

No More Power Struggles

Learn to set boundaries, take back your power without crushing your child's spirit & without compromising yourself.


Lisa Parkes

Mums SOS Sanity Pack

The Ultimate Smiley Coaching Bundle for Mums who are overwhelmed parenting a Wild Heart (strong-willed sensitive temperaments)


Lisa Parkes

How to Trust Yourself to Be a Confident Parent

Parenting is full of uncertainty. Learn how to trust your innate parenting wisdom, so you can cut down on worry, doubt & Googling!


Lisa Parkes

Be Your Own Best Friend

Learn to value yourself enough & like who you are, so you can enjoy healthy balanced friendships that bring out the best in you!


Lisa Parkes

Be the Family You Were Meant to Be!

Become more self aware, understand more about how your thoughts and feelings drive your behaviour, so you can bring more harmony, happiness and meaning to your everyday family life. All Smiley courses have been tried and tested over time and broken down into step-by-step manageable and doable chunks so you can experience coaching at your own pace (and without the overwhelm!)

Each course is the right balance of theory, practical and reflection journaling so you can come to your own conclusions.

Every parent and every child is DIFFERENT. Create a life which works for you and your family!

Feel gorgeous from the inside out!

Lisa has helped hundreds of children become self aware and develop a positive outlook on life; beating their fears, worries and stresses about homework, exams, friendship struggles, bullying, nerves and anxiety to name but a few.

Lisa Parkes, Child Coach & Mentor

Often called The Smiley Coach, Lisa Parkes is a qualified and experienced Life Coach who works with children aged 7 up. Lisa gives them life skills and practical coping strategies for life's hiccups. She is also the creator of Smiley Thought Cards; positive affirmations which encourage emotional intelligence and connect families with love.

Get Your Happy On!

Lisa is passionate about helping children feel great from the inside out. Her creative coaching workshops and 1-2-1 sessions help children develop self belief, positive thinking and most of all to find their own way without judgement in a safe and trusted environment.

"I absolutely love Lisa's work. My son has worked with her twice and she has an incredible way of connecting with children and getting them comfortable to open up and explore whatever is going on for them. I love her Smiley Thought Cards, her blogs and her newsletters are full of useful content too. I can't recommend this lady highly enough."
Linda, Mum to Tom age 7

"Lisa has been a lifeline to me and my son over the last 8 months. We're going through a really tough time and it has been exhausting and upsetting for the whole family. My son has attended coaching and workshops with Lisa, with many practical outcomes and tools to use. Lisa is practical, caring, flexible and genuine. Her passion for helping little people and guiding us big people to connect better shines through everything she does."
Michelle, Mum to Max age 8

“She certainly came out of her session full of giggles and very chatty. We’ve really seen a massive shift in her over the last few months. She still struggles with talking about her feelings and really resists at times but the more relaxed and at ease I am, the more freedom I give her, the more confident and happy she is! It was so lovely to see her having fun and most of all seeing how brave she was facing her fear. She performed her drama show in front of a group of parents last night and did it with such passion and confidence. She actually looked like she was having fun with it. It is wonderful to see her confidence growing and her coming into her own. Thank you so much for helping us on our journey together.
Emily, Mum to Izzy age 7

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