Smiley's Little Box of Kindness

When you are upset, worried or stressed learn how to take care of you and be kind to yourself.

Does your strong-willed sensitive child meet you in a power struggle and have epic meltdowns?

Under all behaviour is a sea of emotions which once understood, can dissolve as quickly as when they arrived. They oppose what you tell them to do, not because they are disobedient, but because they know what is right for them. We all do. 

When your child stops going within and tuning into themselves, it makes it harder for them to self-soothe. They need to learn to be in their bodies and listening to them. 

We don't learn this stuff at school

Imagine if they could find their inner calm when there wasn't an adult around. We want that for them don't we because our self care isn't great. I don't mean just having a bubble bath and me time. I'm talking about the way you treat yourself. The way you honour your own wants and needs. The way you respect yourself. 

I'm saying our self care isn't great. Maybe I'm referring to mine. How is your self care?

Do you drink wine or eat chocolate when the going gets tough? Are you good at listening to yourself at what you need? Do you hold in your feelings or numb out from them?

And what about your intuition? Your soul? Do you know what it wants? Do you nourish it? No I didn't think so. So you can't role model that to your child if you aren't doing it for yourself.

We are partly responsible for that you know? Not that I'm wanting to add to your Mum guilt or to do list of things you didn't quite get done (I've got one of those and it's growing longer by the day). 

Think about it though..... 

Children are given instructions all day long. By teachers, by us, but when are they following their own rules? Dancing to the beat of their drum? Not very often.

They need rules and routines, structure and boundaries to keep them safe and help them to learn. Granted, but I really think that if they could go within and listen to themselves more, if they could learn to soothe themselves, that would be such a huge gift to have early on in life. 

So I've created Smiley's Little Box of Kindness which has some pretty funky and useful stuff. Inside you will find:-

  • A Beautiful Bag of Crystals (angelite, selenite, amethyst and rose quartz) infused with Reiki and happy energy
  • A pouch of brightly coloured, custom-made Smiley Rainbow Bath Salts which contain naturally sourced (and safe) Epsom salts
  • A Hand-stamped, Silver Charm Affirmation Keyring
  • A Sweet Dream Balm; a calming, soothing blend of essential oils so sleep can come naturally

But it's not just a box of goodies, it's also a mini training where you will learn:-

  • The Importance of Kindness and its benefits (you are going to be surprised)
  • How to bring the Art of Chillaxing into everyday life (breathing from your belly dissolves anxiety and helps big scary feelings on their way)
  • How to ground and zip up your energy so your child feels safe when they are not with you 
  • How to self-soothe no matter what your child is feeling 
  • How to have self compassion and learn to be your own best friend
  • How intuition is the key to emotional resilience (our bouncebackability after life's curve balls and disappointments)
  • How to reconnect with your child when emotions are fraught or when you've lost your way with each other

You will also get:-

  • A Crystal Meditation to relax and ground your child
  • A fun game you can play with your crystals to help your child tune into their intuition
  • A Kindness Checklist & Plan so that you can continue to live day to day in kindness mode
  • 2 Calm Colouring Sheets
  • A beautiful guided visualisation called the Heart Lock to connect you and your child together with loving kindness 
  • 'Using Gratitude to Save Your Sanity' - 2 bonus videos and worksheets for parents which will help you see the good (even on those really crazy tough days)

This mini training is for your family if:-

  • your child has a strong-willed, sensitive temperament (I like to call these children Wild Hearts. You can read more about them here)
  • you've stopped listening and speaking to each other respectfully 
  • your house has become shouty and irritable 
  • your child's behaviour is defiant or you are getting locked into power struggles with your child
  • your child seems to be full of emotions and on the brink of a meltdown at any given moment 
  • your child bounces off the walls and can't sit still 
  • you don't know how or can't seem to find a way to pacify your child when they are upset
  • your child has become clingy and is experiencing separation anxiety
  • your child finds it hard to sleep and is scared of the dark / has nightmares
  • your diet is less than healthy and your sugar / screen time is off the charts 
  • your child is refusing to clean their teeth or being a bit soap shy (lots of kids do this and resist personal care)
  • your child has been bullied or is feeling left out at school
  • you or your child is grieving a loss (this isn't just for close friends and family, moving home or schools, breaking friends or pets dying is also a loss)
  • you or your child are a perfectionist 
  • your child is afraid of getting it wrong or has a huge meltdown when they make a mistake

How does it work?

  • Buy the course online and start straight away. It's easy. This video shows you how it works once you are in the learning den.
  • Add my email to your safe senders list as you will get emails from me telling you how to get the most out of your course (I often fall into your junk box the first time I contact you so this will make sure we stay in touch)
  • Carve out time and make it a priority. 
  • Your Little Box of Kindness will be delivered between 3-5 days
  • While you are waiting for it to arrive, download the worksheets, watch the videos and style it out according to your family's needs
  • Get started. Get involved. Have fun. Get Smiley!

What do I need?

  1. Quiet space and a date in the diary - make a commitment to really do this
  2. An open mind and willingness to try something new
  3. Paper, pens and craft stuff
  4. Tablet or electronic device to watch the videos (some of the downloads are better with your ear buds / ear phones)

Additional Support - I am here to help you!

I am here for you as you make your way through this fun and practical kindness pack. I'm sure it will bring you all great joy and be super helpful in all sorts of situations. However, if for whatever reason, you experience resistance from your child or it brings up strong emotions in you, then please reach out. Often in coaching, anything which needs to be addressed comes out and so it makes sense to have somebody close at hand, who can offer understanding, insights and professional support. I have created a Speak to Smiley Call which is specifically for that.

Click here to book a Speak to Smiley Coaching Call 

Intended Audience: families, mums, children, dad, parents, schools, counsellors

😍 A Smiley Hello
πŸ’— A Kind Welcome
πŸ’— Work Out Your Love Language
πŸ’— The Effects of Kindness
πŸ’– You deserve kindness...
✨The Magic of Kindness
⭐ Why your intuition (your internal satnav) is so important
πŸ‘‚ How to Listen to Your Intuition
πŸ’Ž What's Inside your Crystal Bag?
πŸŒ›Using Powerful Energy of the Moon
πŸ’ŽA Closer Look at your Crystals
🌈 Different Ways to Relax
πŸ’Ž Crystal Meditation
πŸ“• Useful Notes for Parents About Relaxation
✨ Zip up your Energy
πŸ’– The Heart Lock In Visualisation πŸ’–
πŸ’— Loving Kindness Meditation
β€‹πŸŽ¨ Smiley Thought Card Calm Colouring Sheets
βœ… Kindness Check List & Plan
🎧 The One With The Marvellous Medicine
πŸ’› Random Acts of Kindness
πŸ“• Self Compassion Journal
πŸ’Œ Final Reflection
πŸ“• Using Gratitude to Save your Sanity Workbook
🎬 Using Gratitude to Save Your Sanity - Video 1 - What drives you insane?
🎬 Using Gratitude to Save Your Sanity - Video 2 - Memories of Motherhood

What's included

  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 14 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Lisa Parkes


Often called The Smiley Coach, Lisa Parkes is a qualified and experienced Life Coach who works with children aged 7 up. Lisa gives them life skills and practical coping strategies for life's hiccups. She has helped hundreds of children become self aware and develop a positive outlook on life; beating their fears, worries and stresses about homework, exams, friendship struggles, bullying, nerves and anxiety to name but a few. Lisa is passionate about helping children feel great from the inside out and she connects to children with her very popular 'Truly Madly Smiley' Podcast. Her weekly coaching club 'The Energy Pod' and private coaching sessions help children develop self belief, positive thinking and most of all: find their own way without judgement in a safe and trusted environment. Lisa is also the creator of Smiley Thought Cards; positive affirmations which encourage emotional intelligence and connect families with love.